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Watch The Stars
Bert Jansch
Album: The Black Swan

Title: Watch The Stars
Bert Jansch
The Black Swan (2006)

Title: Feel So Bad (Live)
Artist: Guardian Angel
Album: Into Lightnin' (2014)

Title: The Laverock In The Blackthorn/oganaich An Oir-Fhuilt Bhuide/niel Gow's Lament For His Second Wife
Artist: Alasdair Roberts & Friends
Album: A Wonder Working Stone (2013)

Title: Guillotine
Artist: Dakota & The Black River Bandit
Album: American Concentration (2007)

Title: Bisbee Realty-Charles
Title: Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
Artist: Rainy Day
Album: Rainy Day (1984)

Title: En El Supermercado
Artist: Minus 5
Album: Scott The Hoople In The Dungeon Of Horror (2014)

Title: A Cabeça
Artist: Família Roitman
Album: Rough Guide To Samba

Title: Days
Artist: Television
Album: Adventure (1978)

Title: She Ain't Gonna Do Right
Artist: Clarence Carter
Album: The Complete FAME Singles Volume 1: 1964-67 (2014)