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Democracy Now
Democracy Now
Album: Democracy Now

Title: Democracy Now
Democracy Now
Democracy Now (2009)

Title: Just Stay
Artist: Static Daydream
Album: Static Daydream (2015)

Title: Black Pearls Of Polynesia
Artist: Would-Be-Goods
Album: Mondo (1993)

Title: stephanie
Title: This Thing That I've Found
Artist: Autumn Defense
Album: Fifth (2014)

Title: You Made A Fool Out Of Me
Artist: Mabel John
Album: Complete Motown Singles - Vol 1 - Cd2

Title: Cinco Siglos Igual
Artist: Mercedes Sosa
Album: Sino: El Destino Del Hombre (1993)

Title: Social media Script-Bob
Title: Tell You
Artist: Tracy Bryant
Album: Subterranean (2016)

Title: Never Have To Fall In Love Again (Featuring Benji Hughes)
Artist: Eleni Mandell
Album: I Can See The Future (2012)