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Title: Social media Script-Bob

Title: Mary Won't Come Out To Play
Artist: The Dentists
Album: Dressed (1992)

Title: The Light Of Love
Artist: Rick Springfield
Album: Working Class Dog (2014 Original Album Classics Disc 2)(25th Anniversary Edition) (1980)

Title: We Are The Dreamers
Artist: Stargazer Lilies
Album: We Are The Dreamers (2013)

Title: Towers Of London
Artist: XTC
Album: Black Sea (1980)

Title: Time Warp
Artist: Rosenbergs
Album: International Pop Overthrow Vol 3 (2000)

Title: Respect
Artist: Marva Whitney
Album: I'm A Good Woman 3 (2002)

Title: Santiagos-Lucas
Title: Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Artist: Pickin On
Album: Pickin On U2 (2001)