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Happy Feeling
Earth, Wind & Fire">Earth, Wind & Fire
Album: Dance Floor Revolution

Title: Happy Feeling
Earth, Wind & Fire
Dance Floor Revolution (2013)

Title: Heart Breakdown
Artist: Billy Don Burns
Album: Nights When I'm Sober (Portrait Of A Honky Tonk Singer) (2012)

Title: Bisbee Realty 2-Charles
Title: Be There Anyway
Artist: Moviola
Album: The Year You Were Born (1996)

Title: Quiet Man (Live)
Artist: John Prine
Album: The Singing Mailman Delivers: Live Performance, 1970

Title: I'm A Man
Artist: Yardbirds
Album: Ultimate 1

Title: Ahwak
Artist: Abdel Halim Hafez
Album: Rough Guide To The Music Of Egypt

Title: Livin' The Blues
Artist: Nighthawks
Album: 444 (2014)

Title: I'm Not Feeling Human
Artist: Olivia Tremor Control
Album: Presents: Singles And Beyond

Title: Sail On Sail On
Artist: NRBQ
Album: NRBQ 1999 (1999)