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So What
Debbie Davies
Album: All I Found

Title: So What
Debbie Davies
All I Found (2005)

Title: Go For Yourself
Artist: Antiques
Album: For Millionaires Only: A Collection Of Priceless Northern Soul (1999)

Title: Guajira
Artist: Afro-Cuban All Stars
Title: Trouble
Artist: Over The Rhine
Album: Paste Magazine Sampler 35 (2007)

Title: I've Been Waiting For You
Artist: Toby Burke
Album: Mexico City (2011)

Title: To Love Somebody
Artist: Flying Burrito Brothers
Album: Hot Burritos 2 (2000)

Title: Bana
Artist: Issa Bagayogo
Album: Putumayo Presents: Mali

Title: Ways Like an Angel
Artist: Junior Wells
Album: 50 Years of Blues: Blues Disc 1 (2003)

Title: Thuy's
Artist: Chris 022018
Album: Underwriter

Title: Shape I Was In
Artist: Spider Bags
Album: Shake My Head (2012)