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6pm - 7pm: Democracy Now!

Title: demnowhazel
Democracy Now!
Democracy Now!

Title: Bisou Magique
Artist: Melody's Echo Chamber
Album: Melody's Echo Chamber (2012)

Title: William Morris Id
Artist: William Morris
Album: Station ID

Title: Cross The Border
Artist: Mike Zito & The Wheel
Album: Keep Coming Back (2015)

Title: OnTheMedia
Artist: New York Public Radio
Album: On The Media

Title: Exit Ghost
Artist: Sarabeth Tucek
Album: Get Well Soon (2011)

Title: A Frail And Broken One
Artist: Bill Fay
Album: Who Is The Sender? (2015)

Title: darlene
Title: Para Que La Vida
Artist: Enrique Iglesias
Album: Quizás

Title: Lo Que Le Gusta Las Mujeres
Artist: Frank Reyes
Album: Rough Guide To Merengue & Bachata (2001)