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Dance Of The Gray Whales
A Fine Frenzy
Album: Pines

Title: Dance Of The Gray Whales
A Fine Frenzy
Pines (2012)

Title: The Golden Glove
Artist: Jim Moray
Album: Skulk (2011)

Title: Autumn
Artist: Heslington Primary School
Album: Classroom Projects: Incredible Music Made By Children In Schools

Title: Sonatas And Interludes - Sonata 10
Artist: John Cage
Album: Works For Prepared Piano (1993)

Title: Song Of The Wandering Aengus
Artist: Donovan
Album: Meridian 1970 (1970)

Title: All The Recipes I've Ever Ruined
Artist: Lucksmiths
Album: Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (2001)

Title: Sounds Into Silence
Artist: Merlin's Magic
Album: Chakra Meditation Music

Title: Copper City Inn-Joy
Title: Karen&Jeff
Title: Hightower Report
Artist: Jim Hightower
Album: Hightower Report